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"a sonic roller-coaster ride of catchy tunes … in sophisticated arrangements with unusual chamber music formations, groovy "Krautrock", solo singer-songwriter passages and interludes in harsh lo-fi sound … 90 minutes of music that does not fit the bog-standard commercial mould"

from musician`s projects website


"Personally, I enjoy this album in two different ways. The first, when I simply read the lyrics, the second, when I let myself be carried away by the music. This album is poetry. Gracias."
Marina, Madrid

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"Sometimes the album explains things that we can`t explain ourselves. Sometimes you understand. And sometimes you can`t breathe..." 

Carmen, Barcelona

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kritik flight 13.jpg
"A tour de force with 24 tracks overflowing with creativity and variety. From acoustic, modern guitar psychfolk leanings, motorically well-founded 90s indie rock references with melancholic-charismatic vocal color, catchy slacker pop hits full of subtle weirdness, atmospheric, minimalist Kraut head cinema references in black and white cinemascope and hypnotically formulated post-rock epics this opulent epic has everything a concept album needs. Matured over many years, recorded with friends and instrumentally detailed and varied with additional tones of glockenspiel, trombone, trumpet, violin and various percussions condensed into an art rock spectacle" (Flight 13)
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"Watch out! The album can teleport you to an ever-evolving soundscape. And the lyrics are constantly questioning what we are"

Oytun, Istanbul

"balladic pieces in the style of Leonard Cohen alternate with electronically spherical insertions, lo-fi hits and indie bangers reminiscent of Guided By Voices, Buffalo Tom, Sebadoh, Red Red Meat, Eels … despite the many influences on it, this album sounds as though it were cast from a single mould"

from TRUST magazine 195/02

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"Breathe in and take a deep dive into a sparkling stream full of scattering fragments of intangible memories, ephemeral moods and long-forgotten dreams – intense!“

Ksenia, Minsk

"The album has a Leonard Cohen, Tom Waits feel about it. With a touch of the Vanilla Sky OST" 

Luc, Toronto

"The music seems to know me well already right after it starts. It’s a kind journey with myself. At the end of this journey, I might still be confused about myself about life, but I’m for sure not tired anymore." 

Wei, Shanghai

from TRUST nr.195/02

…a stylistically slightly mad tour de force blending theatre & film scores with post-singer/songwriter-noise pop, adding pinches of krautrock, lo-fi & orchestra


A1 euphoria and scepticism I 1:46

> rf: electric guitar, electronics & prepared strings


A2 the triumphant return of the magnificent and unjustly forgotten doctor frankenstein 6:47

> christoph paus: trombone
> robin furger: trumpet
> till bornemann: drums, drum programming, djembe, tabla & udu

> rf: 6-&12-string electric guitars, electric bass, piano & vocals


A3 poetry of pessimism 3:32

> rf: spanish guitar & vocals


A4 closing credits 5:09

> henrik petschull: organ
> pascal biedermann: slide guitar
> till bornemann: drums & electronics
> rf: electric guitars, electric bass & vocals


A5 stampede 2:44

> rf: electric guitars, electric bass, drum programming & vocals


A6 a new light 2:47

> chris walt: electric bass
> till bornemann: shaker
> rf: electric guitars & vocals


B1 bougainvillea 5:25

> alejandra martin hernandez: viola & violin

> chris walt: electric bass
> claude breutel: french horn

> henrik petschull: claves
> jakab kaufmann: bassoon
> miguel garcia casas: trombone & trumpet
> till bornemann: drums, guiro & tambourine
> rf: electric guitars, glockenspiel, marimba & vocals


B2 a room full of toys 4:55

> till bornemann: drums
> rf: 6- & 12-string electric guitars, electric bass & vocals


B3 wrong, all wrong 2:56

> till bornemann: drums
> rf: electric guitars, electric bass & vocals


B4 kaizen buddhism 1:26

> rf: spanish guitar


B5 sheep parade 5:32

> arthur johann: bagpipe practice chanter
> chris walt: electric bass
> till bornemann: drums
> rf: electric guitars, bass drum, drum programming, tubular bells & vocals


B6 chinese chef shot for shit chop suey 1:23

> rf: piano

C1 waltz for theodosius 4:09

> alejandra martin hernandez: viola

> claude breutel: french horn
> jakab kaufmann: bassoon
> julia diez lazcorreta: oboe

> lucas holguin: double bass
> mathilde bernard: harp
> miguel garcia casas: trombone
> robin furger: trumpet
> rf: drum, gong, snare, tubular bells, vibraslap & vocals


C2 next time 3:51

> chris walt: double bass
> henrik petschull: piano
> jakab kaufmann: bassoon

> till bornemann: drums
> rf: electric guitars & vocals


C3 overbo`d 1:06

> rf: electric guitar


C4 interference 2:15

> chris walt: synthesizer
> marianne hofstetter: guitar cameo
> till bornemann: drums
> rf: electric guitar, electric bass & vocals


C5 sisyphos and the long way home IV 3:11

> rf: electric guitar, electric bass & electronics


C6 the jolly hermit 8:13

> esther luise: keyboard intro
> rf: electric guitars, electric bass, keyboards, drum programming & vocals

D1 are you tired, sisyphos? 5:49

> rf: electric guitar & vocals


D2 last rites of string (kobe) 2:32

> alejandra martin hernandez: viola & violin

> rf: electronics, prepared strings & vocals


D3 patriotism is evil 0:09

> rf: acoustic guitar


D4 goliath, a warrior 1:59

> rf: electric guitar, drum programming & vocals


D5 the long way home VII / this road 9:47

> andrew mackintosh: drums
> jakab kaufmann: bassoon
> miguel garcia casas: trombone
> rf: acoustic & electric guitars, electric bass, timpani, marimba, glockenspiel & vocals


D6 euphoria and scepticism II 2:15

> yuki takahashi: marimba & vibraphon

written, arranged and produced by rf
studio recordings at watt`n sound studio,
additional recordings at various living rooms, bed rooms, rehearsal rooms,
theatres, long distance trains et al.
engineered by henrik petschull
pre-recording of prepared strings by peter m. riedel
mastered at
manufactured at handle with care

heartfelt thanks go to all the musicians who were involved in this album.

it was a real pleasure working with you and your contributions are truly awesome!

plus a very special thanks to richard robinson and till bornemann,

without whose tireless support this album would not have been possible!

℗ & © rainer fiedler 2018
karate! monkey! super fighter!!! kmsf#14

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performed by:

alejandra martín hernandez: viola, violin
andrew mackintosh: drums
arthur johann: bagpipe practice chanter
chris walt: double bass, electric bass, synthesizer
christoph paus: trombone
claude breutel: french horn
esther luise: keyboard
henrik petschull: organ, piano, claves
jakab kaufmann: bassoon

julia díez lazcorreta: oboe
lucas holguín: double bass
marianne hofstetter: electric guitar
mathilde bernard: harp
miguel garcia casas: trombone, trumpet
pascal biedermann: slide guitar
robin furger: trumpet
till bornemann: drums, drum programming, percussion, electronics

yuki takahashi: vibraphon, marimba


rf: 6- & 12-string electric, acoustic & spanish guitars, electric bass, keyboards, piano, mallet instruments, percussion, prepared strings, electronics, drum programming & all vocals

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